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The most impressive thing to me in Binh Ba is beautiful beaches. From my point of view, the beauty of Binh Ba beach is not inferior to Nha Trang beaches. There are three famous beaches in this island including Bai Chuong, Bai Nom, and Bai Nha Cu. Bai Nha Cu beach is small and peaceful with clean white sand. In this beach, we could admire the beauty of sky, sea, and surrounding landscapes, and snorkeled to enjoy the beauty of coral. Bai Chuong beach is considered the most beautiful and immerse beach in Binh Ba Island, however, we had to take 30 minutes by train to get there. The water in this beach is quite clean and clear, therefore, I can comfortably bathed and took pictures with granite rocks. Bai Nom beach is the most peaceful one. This is an ideal place for beach games such as water polo, swimming, camp fire, etc.

Binh Ba Island i
s not only a place to enjoy the natural sceneries but also a paradise of fresh seafood. In the morning, after admiring the sunrise, my colleges and I went to an open market and select some fresh seafood including oysters, lobsters, squid and fishes. We brought these ingredients to our accommodation in resident's house and asked the owner to make some dishes. The owner was very happy to prepare food for us. We had delicious meals made from Binh Ba seafood during the time travel here. Although all dishes here are very delicious, I still love Binh Ba lobsters the most. With different way of processing, local residents here made various dishes from lobsters, which were very sweet and fresh.

A plus point for this place is friendly and hospitable local citizens. Currently, all tourism services are served by these people. However local people in Binh Ba Island do not solicit tourists and make a cut-throat price as other tourism places. In contrast, they are quite honest and generous.

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