Packing check-list

You have booked your holiday time, chosen a destination, selected a resort and made your reservation.

Congratulations you are going on vacation! Getting ready for your vacation is a fun time, but sometimes in all the excitement it can be easy to overlook important items when packing.

That is why we have put together these helpful checklists. Print them off to help ensure a smooth vacation.


Documentation and Identification

E-documents and travelling ID

- Passport

- Drivers License

- Travel Visa

- Travel Insurance

- Spending money

- Travellers cheques, ATM Card, Cash or Credit Cards

- Exchange rate calculator or notepad to do quick calculations

- Baggage tags

- Photocopy of passport picture & information page left with family member at home

- Emergency phone numbers

- Hotel, Tour Operator & Airline numbers left with family member at home


Essential items for all trips

Hygiene products

- Shampoo & conditioner

- Body wash

- Deodorant

- Toothbrush & toothpaste

- Facial tissue

Hair care products

- Brush or comb

- Clips or ponytail elastics

- Hair dryer with adapter

Body care items

- Shaving kit

- Nail clippers & file

- Moisturizer

- Cotton swaps

- Lip balm

Face care products

Make-up kit

Prescription medication


First-aid Kit

- Headache/Pain relief

- Nausea relief

- Band-aids

- Anti-bacterial lotion

- Safety pin


Sunburn relief

Insect repellant

Light weight sweater


Fun items for every holiday


- Film or memory sticks

- Charger and extra batteries


Hat or bandana

Reading material; for the plane, pool or transfers

Shopping tote bag

Bring a cloth tote bag along to cut back on plastic waste and put all your vacation finds in


Beach holidays

Carry on bag with change of clothes, swimsuit & flip flops

This way if you room is not ready upon arrival you can start enjoying your vacation right away!

Dress shoes for à la carte restaurants

Beach flip flops or water shoes


Walking shoes/running shoes


Swimsuits: Multiple swimsuits means no waiting for one to dry


Beach & restaurant cover ups: Many restaurants have a casual dress code during the day. Head straight from the beach or pool to lunch without stopping at your room by bringing a handy cover up.


Family vacations

Baby needs

- Diapers & wipes

- Swimming diapers

- Changing pads

- Portable crib/playpen

- Baby sunscreen

Small and compact toys for the plane, pool & beach

- Inflatable beach ball

- Frisbee

- Water wings

- Inflatable flotation toys

- Playing cards

- Word search books, Sudoku games

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