Responsible tourism commitments

Chapi Travel team hold responsible travel as a core commitment. As we have grown, so too has the commitment to work responsibly with our  customers, host communities and local business partners. Chapi Travel Responsible Tourism policy highlights three areas: Poverty, Society and Environment


We believe our responsible values define the way we work and perform as a business. That means we strive for ethical and just performance in all aspects of our business. Please discover how travelling with Chapi Travel helps fight poverty, enhance society and protect environments in Vietnam and Indochina


We create long-term community-development projects in impoverished communities

Managed by our very own dedicated team of development specialists and travel experts, Chapi’s Foundation projects ensure sustainability of poverty reduction through:

- Job creation
- Project management services
- Homestays development
- Social enterprise support
- Educational exchange
- Community micro credit funds
- Community health promotion


We support local economies by hiring locals, eating in locally owned restaurants and traveling local style

operated products are reviewed to assess how they benefit the communities. Through supplier contracting, guide training and in-house product development we ensure:

- Positive impacts of tourism on local communities 
- T
ransparency in all commercial dealings and relationships
- Quality of experience for clients

Chapi Travel 
is a pioneer in terms of developing tours which have a direct, positive impact to grass roots communities.  Local Life (connecting travellers with a local community)

We respects our host communities and cultures and instils this attitude in our guides and tour planners

Chapi Travel 
community and cultural protection policy covers every type of tour and excursion we operate. This includes:

- Work with local guides to ensure benefits of tourism are equitable

Transparency in all financial dealings

Participatory comminity meetings to allow everyone to have their say

Continue local traditions through encouragement of youth participation

Prohibit visits to human zoos and cultural tourists site that are unathentic and/ or derogatory

works hard to ensure lean, green and clean travel

Chapi Travel minimises environmental impacts of travel through careful planning and management of tours. This includes:

Travel via the most energy efficient routing

All vehicles maintained regularly for utmost fuel efficiency

Drivers trainning for safety and efficiency and limit idling

Alternative transportation: Cycling, trains, buses, share car, walking

also works with hotel, resorts, homestay partners to provide a friendly, daily reminder to keep air conditioning set at moderate level, turn off lights when leaving your room, and make use of the eco option to re-use towels and sheets.

We are eliminating unnecessary waste and reducing consumption of energy and water at our offices and tours

Chapi Travel 
recognizes our responsibility to the environment starts in our own offices. That is why we have energy, water and waste reduction targets in place. Our policy also cover the tours you take and may include:

Providing refillable water bottles to reduce disposable plastics

Limiting the amount of paper handouts provided

Working toward paperless tours through use of technology

Ensuring disposable are reduced, reused and recycle

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